Pre-order Limerick Whiskey - Thomond Gate x 3 Bottles

Pre-order Limerick Whiskey - Thomond Gate x 3 Bottles

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Cask types: Ex-rye & bourbon

Spirit Style: Single Pot Still

Distillery: Great Northern Distillery, Ireland

Mash Bill: 60% green Limerick barley, 35%  Irish malted barley, and 5% oats

Filling ABV: 63%

Bottles Available: 90 (30 sets of 3 bottles)

Date Casked: 12/1/2021

Proposed Bottling Date: December 2025

This Single Pot Still spirit was made using our locally grown, Limerick barley. It was distilled at Great Northern Distillery in December 2020 and filled into ex-bourbon and rye casks in January 2021. It will officially become whiskey on its third birthday in January 2024. We estimate the whiskey will be ready by the end of 2025, but this is subject to how the spirit matures and the final maturation time may be shorter or longer.

Each pack consists of three bottles of mature whiskey: one to enjoy, one to share, and one to treasure.

 This is a limited order: There are only 30 sets of 3 bottles available. An additional charge for excise duty will be made once the whisky is bottled – see below for details. *Shipping of the three bottle packs is not included*.

Purchasing a pack entitles the purchaser 3x30ml samples of the maturing Limerick whiskey, drawn at different times during maturation, and a spot at each of three online tastings with Thomond Gate founder Nick Ryan to taste the whiskey. *Shipping of these samples is included in the price*.

The whiskey will be finished before final bottling. The type of cask used will be voted on by the purchasers of the sets of three bottles. Voting will be online, and the whiskey will be filled into and further matured in the type of cask that wins the vote.

The final bottling strength will be confirmed at bottling.

Additional Fees:

The final invoice will be issued at the time of bottling and sets will not be released until the balance has been paid in full. The extra sum will be excise duty fees at the standard rate. As of January 2021, we estimate duty would be approximately €20 per bottle, but this is subject to change in forthcoming years if duty rates change.


Terms and Conditions:

  • Only one set of three bottles per customer/household 
  • One vote on the type of cask to finish the whisky in per purchase
  • Three x 30ml samples drawn at different maturities for three online tastings with Thomond Gate Whiskey founder Nick Ryan.
  • Exclusive invitation to a meet-up and live tasting once the bottles have been released. If you cannot attend, you can nominate one person to take your place at the event. Bottles can be collected at the event – they must be shipped otherwise.
  • It is the responsibility of the purchaser to keep Limerick Spirits Co Ltd up to date on current registered contact details, email, and delivery address for your purchase.
  •  Delivery to the Republic of Ireland addresses only.