Online Learn & Taste - 15th September - 20:00hrs

Online Learn & Taste - 15th September - 20:00hrs

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Deconstruction of Irish Whiskey

During this Online course, we will explore the styles of Irish whiskey. Irish whiskey and what production choices have an effect on the final spirit. 

We will explore:

  • Selection and Processing of raw ingredients 
  • Fermentation and yeast selection 
  • Distillation and Still design
  • Maturation and cask selection 
  • How to assess a spirit 
  • Tasting of 6 spirits 


Olfactory / Palate:
  • The power of the mind
  • How to assess a spirit 
  • understanding texture 

During our tasting of 6 spirits, we will explore how production choices affect the construction of a final spirit and How to assess their quality, you will learn to use you the nose and palate to 

  • Neutral Spirit 
  • Single malt "new make" 
  • Poitín
  • Pot Still Whiskey 
  • Grain Whiskey 
  • Malt whiskey 


 Start: 20:00 hrs - 22:00hrs 

Zoom details to be shared via Waterford Whiskey Society