Level 3 - Sample 1.

Smirnoff Vodka : 37.5% 
- Clarity: Clear
- Intensity: Water-white
- Color: Colorless
- Condition: Clean
  • Aroma Intensity: Light
  • Aroma Characteristics: The nose presents subtle wheat dough and grain aromas, accented by delicate notes of citrus peel and white pepper. Slight volatile hints reminiscent of solvent, suggesting a high level of distillation.
  • Sweetness: Dry 
  • Alcohol: Pronounced at first, quickly softening.
  • Body: Light
  • Texture: Thin, contributing to a sensation of sharpness due to high alcohol content.
  • Flavour Intensity: Light
  • Flavour Characteristics: Initial sharp alcohol gives way to mild flavours of wheat dough and white pepper, ending with a dry and slightly zesty finish.
Finish: Length: Short
  • Nature: Simple, with a clean but unremarkable aftertaste.
- Quality Level: Acceptable
- Assessment of Quality: This spirit demonstrates a basic consistency in aroma and flavour profiles, characterized by its simple and straightforward nature. The high alcohol content overshadows the subtle flavours derived from its base ingredients, leading to a predominance of solvent-like notes which diminish the spirit's overall complexity and appeal. Improvement in the spirit's integration of alcohol and refinement in distillation could enhance its textural qualities and overall sensory balance. This would potentially elevate the spirit's profile, making it more appealing and complex.
Identify Spirit: 
Vodka - Unaged spirit.